Analyzing user’s experiences generates new and improved ideas

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For the last three semesters, Grupodot, along with students from the IxDot contest at the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University, presented innovative service ideas for Movistar.

The service designs are the most important factor when working towards a complete level of satisfaction for the end user. The students’ designs centered on the effect devices have on the people that interact with them, and how it modifies their environment, i.e the experience and the message of the brand gets more meaningful through the designed products.

The students belong to the Industrial Design undergraduate program, and working side-by-side with Grupodot, focused on developing service designs for Movistar. The students presented their designs directly to the client, and received feedback about their designs and new needs that can be solved by putting into practice what was learned.

All of the products were aimed towards the user; the process that must be followed to obtain the final product involves analysis, surveys, documentation techniques, experience testing, information architecture and interaction supported on digital tools, to name a few.

A total of six products were presented:

  1. Collaborative web portal among users.
  2. Application that allows the exchange of data for minutes (and vice versa) between Movistar users.
  3. Interactive and educative center for customers.
  4. Message devices for public places.
  5. Wireless chargers available in restaurants, sponsored by Movistar.
  6. Applications that allows the user to check their daily plan usage.

Grupodot, with its services oriented focus, wanted to generate ideas based on IxD, by creating a multidisciplinary scenario to reach the best solutions with the main goal of generating value through design and therefore improving the user’s experience.