IDEAM’s new portal – a Grupodot project

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With a joint work between IDEAM and Grupodot’s teams, the new public portal for the Colombia’s Institute of Hydrology, Meteorology and Environmental Studies, deployed on the platform of the Liferay EE corporate portals administrator.

This project included the design, construction and deployment of a new portal with noticeable technical improvements to the user. For the development, Grupodot’s methodology of services design was employed on Liferay E.E. The new portal marks a breakthrough in providing relevant information to citizens.


IDEAM, as a the official source for environmental information in Colombia, generates information 24 hours a day; that’s the reason why the content of the portal plus its management, are crucial for decision making in diverse sectors of the nation.

Grupodot, working along with IDEAM, designed and built the application for forecasts and warnings, thus allowing the user to navigate and search for desired information, by using filters and just obtaining what he is really looking for.


The new portal has accessibility improvements such as the high contrast, visual magnifiers, integration to the warning system and multilanguage support, among others. Additionally, this portals has a simple design and visual adaptation capacity for all kinds of devices (responsive), geolocation service, improvements in responsiveness and clearer themes for the general public.

The colombian government institutions are evolving so that “Government Online” can be a reality. IDEAM, with the portal migration and actualization to a more robust and visually clean product, is aiming towards the goal of providing a more close, understandable and accessible information for the users.

May 15, 2015, was the day were IDEAM, alongside Grupodot, launched this renewed platform in an event were Pablo Vierira (Viceminister of Environment and Sustainable Development) and Omar Franco Torres (General Director of Colombia’s Institute of Hydrology, Meteorology and Environmental Studies) participated.