It’s not that we think we’re Rock Stars, but this project rocks

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Colombian TELCOS provide their users with a variety of technological products and services, we already know that; however, there’s no TELCO like Virgin Mobile to make you feel like, beyond having the latest iPhone model, the power of decision making and the journey towards better cell phone service only depends on you.

Everything has gone great. The brand has expanded in Colombia and has also reached a high market position by showcasing Virgin’s rocker DNA, thus allowing their new site, designed by Grupodot, to open up the doors to new channels for Virgin’s users.

When a brands user base expands, the most important thing is having the ability to respond to user’s needs, and in turn, not lose the brand identity recognized by the market. This was the exact challenge Grupodot accepted during the second quarter of 2015.

As a Rockstar in IxD (Interaction Design) technologies and methodologies, and with the best of Cloud Computing, Grupodot assembled an all star group of professionals in web design, engineering and communication to work on the strategies, construction and development of new digital interaction services for Virgin Mobile.

Our achievements, beyond creating a digital marketing strategy with 100% technological DNA, have focused on letting the brand’s personality shine through in every single design and development detail, thus providing a user experience beyond digital barriers, and reaching our goal of giving a new dynamic face to the mobile phone providers service.