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Grupodot builds and designs tools that generate valuable experiences represented in products and services. Interaction Design (IxD) facilitates the design and execution (or service) taking into account the targets background, culture and context, goals and activities, thus getting better results and focusing not only in the market, but also on integrating actions and tools in an intimate and real way with people.

Focus on Services

Grupodot’s work focuses on strengthening our clients concepts and identity by ensuring that these two things are reflected in the experiences of its users. By treating every component of a project as service not only guarantees better technical results, but also provides the opportunity to focus on the end user. Each project is enriched by a multidisciplinary team, combining methods and tools from different areas. This is an innovative way of guiding and assisting with the evolution of our client’s portfolios.

“Each new project involves a multidisciplinary team, combining methods and tools from different areas to enrich the project”

Corporate Identity and Actions Projection

Most problems in deploying interaction strategies (in all types of organizations), are based on the lack of coherence between the identity of the corporation and actions made to represent it. Grupodot has the tools and methodology to build and determine actions that the clients/company should execute, in order to design the interaction strategies that projects it’s culture and identity. Besides other consulting services, Grupodot supports the company in its brand positioning process from the following aspects:

  • Identity and branding.
  • People’s analysis: target audiences.
  • Defining actions and central services groups.
Users and Public Analysis

We study our clients target environment as well as their activities to determine:

  • Map of contact interests with the brand and/or client’s products and services.
  • Analysis of users activities, including observations and field studies.
  • Analysis of users environment and ethnographic studies.
  • Analysis and inventory of troubled relationships in interaction with their target audiences.
Design of Portfolio and Services RoadMap

Grupodot offers services that allow our clients to ensure their users have complete access to the services provided by the company and in that order, understand the brand’s identity. Within the methodological tools used, Grupodot develops service assessments based on economic viability, technical feasibility, functionality, acceptance of target audiences, amount of impacted users and innovation within the target market. With this evaluation scheme we define the final inventory and RoadMap suggested for the services evolution in order to construct and deploy within the target groups.

Some of the services mentioned previously, are:

  • Construction of a services inventory based on projection of corporate identity actions.
  • Detailing of services: Objectives, goals, key moments, chain actions, success criteria and prototypes.
  • Services evaluation to establish which services should be included in the Roadmap, analyzing technical capabilities, ability to enter the user’s habitat which allows the organization to easily maintain the provided services, as well as the marketing strategy to showcase them.
Communication Strategies and Interaction

Fitting strategy into a model that goes from expectation to passionate use, our consulting services establish the way in which our clients products and services will be “sold” to their users: what will be the first approach, the subscription, the return strategies, the sustaining dialogue, etc.

Some of those services are:

  • Design and construction of the communication plan and corporate digital interaction.
  • Design and construction of the Measurement Plan (Digital Marketing)
  • Design and construction of programming grids oriented to social networks and digital spaces.
  • Administration and consultancy of dialogue management on social networks.
  • Training and support in design and execution of Social Media strategies.
Information Architecture

Grupodot assists the client in defining which information architecture to design and implement-thus ensuring ensuring that, by being deployed, the services usability reflects the easy level of access and clarity expected from our customers. What we’re looking for is that complex information can be accessible and easily understood by our clients users and target audiences.


Grupodot provides design and consulting services for the creation of environments and interfaces that ensure the level of experience and usability required for each project, basing on the actions that support the company’s identity. Among the services offered by Grupodot, are:

  • From concept to mock-ups and concept testing.
  • Build interfaces and prototypes in various digital media: web, mobile and intervention spaces.
  • Interfaces evaluation based on experience and usability.
  • Integration of graphical concepts to functional applications through digital platforms: mobile, web and spaces.
Corporate Semantic

For Grupodot is very important to ensure that the products and services we design and deploy make sense to users according to the project blueprints provided by our clients. Having a formalized semantic organizational scheme provides consistency and support of digital media dialogues with the target audiences and the design and deployment of products and services that users will be able to interact with. In this way Grupodot solves the semantic design problem using tools and services such as the following:

  • Inventory information assets: What are the elements that bring valuable information to the organization, how are they organized, how are they managed internally, and presented or involved within the life of the target audiences?
  • Build vocabulary based on products and services: what is the basic vocabulary for naming, communicating and recognizing products and services, and information assets? Thus seeking the definition of tags and groups in order to facilitate communication within and outside the organization.
  • Design of label groups, therefore organizing data, services portfolios and information assets as a support tool for SEO and SEM strategies.
  • Monitoring of digital media dialogues for our clients products and services.
Software Build

Software development based on what our clients want their final product to be, while also considering what the target audience will be. Application deployment in various environments, oriented and designed as services thus integrating the design thinking approach to software construction.

Scrum and Design Thinking

Grupodot’s conceptualization of technological solutions focuses on services, so each developed component has the properties and functionalities of the service that is supported. What Grupodot does, is mix Scrum with the design concept allowing the process of interaction design and software development to be integrated. The services that we build always have a preliminary stage of investigation, ideation and vision, to then begin early prototypes that are integrated to the construction cycles of the scrum.


  1. Build Product backlog, based on the Services RoadMap
  2. Sprint BackLog
  3. IxD- UX/UI evaluation
  4. Construction
  5. Daily Scrum
  6. Sprint Review

In each stage, we perform assesments of the software’s usability and valuable experience for the user, in order the modify it according to the results. In the case of projects that include the full set of Grupodot’s Interaction Design services (IxD), the inventory and Services RoadMap are used as Product Backlog on the Software development cycle. The main goal for Grupodot on projects that involve software construction, is to have a robust and consistent view that meets the client’s needs and expectations; and in addition, to ensure that every aspect has been involved in the process to determine the success of those services in use and experience by the target audiences. The purpose for early prototypes is to function as proof of the concept, providing information to the team about the characteristics and additional features that must be taken into account during the construction and deployment. Generally, these two initial components will give a Roadmap of the components that provide organization to the scrum team, determining dependencies and facilitating the construction of the implementation strategy and/or disclosure of new products or services to build.


We promote smart working environments

The services evaluation scheme enables early software components to be tested and modified according to the environment, needs, goals and interests of the target users. Moreover, the evaluation focuses mainly on the success of the integration and use of services in real environments that will be deployed.

We promote solutions for deployment and/or access via the cloud: combining solutions through Google Cloud and corporate environments, mobile devices, conventional web environments and integrated artifacts to spaces.

Development and deployment platforms

  • Liferay Portal EE
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Mobile
  • Phyton
  • Java