IxDot, A valuable experience

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Since mid 80’s, the term IxD or Interaction Design, has gained strength over the years as the importance of providing a better user experience has become the main goal of a brand.

At this point, it’s necessary to explain that IxD is the discipline responsible for defining how products and services are used and for ensuring that a user can do, in the simplest and most rewarding way possible, the tasks for which the product was created.

For those familiar with Grupodot’s approach and added-value, know that IxD is one of the main pillars upon which each of the projects are deployed.

This is why, for the fourth consecutive semester, Grupodot’s CEO Diego Ibagon led the IxD Workshop 2015-2 in the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University, where students from fifth, sixth and seventh semester of Industrial Design get to participate by understanding goals, tasks, needs and desires manifested by users of two of the agency’s clients: Virgin Mobile Colombia (VMC) and an unnamed Real Estate Project. Each group of students worked 5 months to present a final product which will satisfy specific needs of one of the two brands.

In reference to VMC, the highlighted projects were the ones whose proposals gave a significant value to the internal structure of the company, as was the case of the “capsule of the Rock Agent” method by which the students intended to position the brand as the mobile telephony that has – in every sense of the word – the Rockstar DNA. With a series of tests for potential VMC call center workers, the ability to improvise and to serve the customers and their problems with a proactive approach in the most rocker way, were evaluated. In this manner, the brand ensures that each particle of its DNA (i.e. everyone of its workers) is a Rock Agent that reflects in essence the best of Virgin’s attitude.

collage vmc 2

As part of the Real State Project, one of the highlighted groups propose a solution for a bad rated property by developing a pilot where a potential buyer can qualify the property in real time according to their needs and desires—this means in the exact moment when he/she visits the property without downloading or accessing an application. Each property will be registered with a scannable code, using the model presented by the students, in order for the user to be able to choose if the property is good, medium or bad.

collage subastala 2

There were many approaches and solutions provided by the students, which was evidence of the students growth during the semester in terms of effective analysis of problems and design solutions for each specific need.

Congratulations to all of the students that participated in the IxD Workshop 2015-2; we are sure that you will be entitled to a future of great interaction design that ultimately will improve user experience in the real world.