Tango and ARA: Two Google projects that are shaking the world of mobile devices

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The ATAP group of Google : Advanced Technology & Projects, is maybe the only place in the world, where almost everybody, no matter the profession, would want to work. They are at the top of conceptualization and development of new, improved and challenging forms of interaction.

This group employs a development process focused on innovation, let’s say with… esteroides: using two years tops to accomplish very ambitious goals and… surely fulfilling most of them. But, out of their multiple projects, I would like to focus on 2: Project Tango and Project ARA @ProjectAra

In the Tango project, even when the main goal has been the development of new technologies that allow, to mobile devices, the acknowledgement and visualization abilities of objects and similar environments to those of humans, is worth to see beyond technology, maybe what is most interesting is that the develop platforms: software and hardware, that are later freed and handed to the developers that required them, so they seek ways of application that very likely would not be find so quickly in a closed group.

At the moment, they have a development kit that includes a tablet and a cell phone that you, as a developer, can request to work in it and propose new application forms. Here are some of the works done using technology related with the Tango project:

The ARA project, on the other hand, searches for the development of a modular platform of cell phones, where the hardware behaves in a similar way to the software applications: you can use and add whatever you need, or can ask for it borrowed. This concept, once again, employs a main idea for the platform, whose specifications are freed so the designers and developers community of the world think in new and improved modules that can be involved in the project. During the past year, Google I/O 2014 launched an integrated preliminary version, that even tho didn’t work 100%, shows an agile advance that in a short amount of time can modify radically the evolution that until today have had cell phones and the mobile hardware market with a new participant: The modular hardware for a specific function.