The new IDEAM Portal

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Starting in November 2014, Grupodot and IDEAM ( Institute of Hydrology, Meterology and Environmental Studies) worked to update and operate IDEAM’s new intranet and web portal. Developed on the Liferay 6.2 platform, this project remedied the need to comply with the “Government Online” law according to the requirements of the Ministry of Technology and Communications, and established an all around better service for users.

May 2015 was the official launch of the new portal, and with Grupodot’s assistance an improved navigation and user interface was released.

We implemented the following services:

  1. Interaction and user interface design.
  2. Content migration from an existing platform.
  3. Integration of services infrastructure (SOA) of the company.
  4. Configuration, technical support and maintenance.
  5. Design and construction of the forecasts and warnings application.
  6. Licensing and subscription to Liferay Portal Enterprise Edition.