What IxDot is about

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IxDot is an space dedicated to present and develop ideas that have been generated on our company about IxD (interaction design): foundations, methodological development and forms of application to real world’s projects that can be faced with our different clients.

In this blog you can find tools and experiences that have been used or that are currently in the development process so that the community that shares our interests for IxD related areas, can implement them and gain new knowledge.

At the moment, in Grupodot, we work on the following IxD areas:


Identity in actions. The manner in which the identity of the users and the product or services, will be communicated in actions. We try to establish needs, framework and communication fundamental goals from both sides: users and products/services.


Activities and environment analysis. Focused on the user’s context, it provides elements that facilitate for the designer teams, to establish languages that make sense for the target users.


Services design and evaluation. In preliminary stages of creation, we look for evaluation schemes and iterative sketching, so that we can count with a services inventory that meets the needs of the client and the user.


Games analysis of languages and semantics. The ways of classifying assets information and “named” elements within artifacts, are the product of analysis and observation of language “games” in which the user is involved.


Design methods and processes. Construction prototypes and schemes will be the aim of this area.


Construction methods and processes, and operation of services. Agile ways of teamwork, how the experience has been and which are the new form of collaboration and production of construction teams of damaged artifacts.