World’s biggest music streaming company leans towards Google Cloud

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It is not necessary for a disaster to occur when providing consumer services to make a decision like the one Spotify just took: transfer most of it’s information to the Google Cloud Platform. Not even to follow advice from the wise when they say ” is better to be safe than sorry.”

What really tipped the scales toward Google are it’s valuable platform experiences and data tools. A great infrastructure is not just about keeping things running, it’s about making our teams more effective and efficient; and the offer of it’s new partner has all of the qualities to win.

According to the engineering department of this big company in the music business, the decision seeks to increase it’s competitive advantage over peers in the market. Google services of data analysis were the main factor to choose Google Cloud Platform. Spotify has 75 million active users and 20 million subscribers (which is twice as Apple Music). From the traditional batch processing with Dataproc, solid delivery with Pub/Sub and even the almost magical abilities of BigQuery, Google provides a significant advantage. This decision is considered a big win for Google and a defeat for Amazon, which remains as the biggest provider of this type of services along with Azure and Microsoft.

Spotify has been frequently regarded as a company which concerns about their surprising musical recommendations and big events, thus rarely having to talk to the public about their technical infrastructure -the true power behind music; but all of this started with their obsession of providing a streaming experience as if thousands and thousands of songs were stored in your own phone.