AI Rock Show podcast

Rock and technology share the microphone at AI Rock Show, Grupodot’s new show created to talk about issues around artificial intelligence, business and customer needs.

AI Rock Show podcast

Episode 22.

Fourth Season

How to find the perfect product and strategy?

Telecommunications in Colombia have had a very striking evolution, which little by little has incorporated new technologies such as artificial intelligence to its business models.
Juan Vélez, CEO of Virgin Mobile for Colombia and Mexico, talks with us in this chapter about the keys to the success of a company that entered such a competitive market, in addition to talking about good rock and a bit of history.

Episode 21.

Fourth Season

The future of education and working with AI

Technological advances and the current environment have completely revolutionized the way we conduct business and continue our education. In the second chapter of the fourth season we spoke with César Rodrigo Salas, Head of Education LATAM at Google, who tells us how a company like the technology giant has adapted to this new reality.

Episode 20.

Fourth Season

AI in megacorporations

In the fourth season of the AI Rock Show we give way to large corporations to analyze the biggest challenges during their expansion.

We started with Daniel Gándara, VP, IT Product Development of Mercado Libre, with whom we talked about the challenges of implementing artificial intelligence, how to unite large-scale teams and the correct way to face the failures in new initiatives.

Episode 19.

Third Season

Growth opportunities for companies in 2021

After a year that tested the adaptability and responsiveness of businesses to uncertain scenarios, 2021 is coming with new opportunities that cannot go unnoticed by companies.

In this last chapter of 2020 we spoke with Juan David Ospina, analytics leader at qiip Colombia and Alejandro Gutiérrez, Head of analytics and Cloud for Marketing, about the key aspects to consider next year in artificial intelligence and business analytics.

Episode 18.

Third Season

Progress and projection in AI for 2021

Close to the end of 2020, our Head of Data Science at Grupodot shares with us its top 5 of the most relevant developments in artificial intelligence that were presented in the year and another list that visualizes the expected panorama for 2021 in AI.

Episode 17.

Third Season

The Truths of AI Projects Vol. 2: Everything That Can Go Wrong

In projects as demanding as those of artificial intelligence, there is always something that can get complicated in the sales, planning or development process. We talked to the team on the battlefield (Project Managers and Data Scientist), revealing the setbacks and the methods to solve them.

Episode 16.

Third Season

Natural Language Processing: BERT vs. GPT-3

Natural Language Processing is a tool that has shown great benefits for companies that have chosen to implement it. In this chapter we will talk about BERT and GPT-3 (language models) from a technical and business perspective, as well as how to apply them in companies and what are the barriers to get started.

Episode 15.

Third Season

Why AI needs a human approach

The fear of the changes that artificial intelligence brings with it has fostered a strong imaginary regarding its scope. In this chapter we belie the myths around artificial intelligence, we analyze why human intervention is necessary and what is its impact on people’s lives.

Episode 14.

Third Season

Data monetization in industries

Is there really someone willing to pay for my data? Three experts on monetization tell us the key points to do it, the most frequent excuses in companies and why this initiative does not materialize.

Episode 13.

Third Season

Interaction design in AI projects

The human factor in AI projects is the differential in our work process with the client. In this first chapter of the third season, we talk about how IxD allows us to find new dynamics, improve communication channels and land the scope of the model.

Episode 12.

Second Season

The truth about AI projects Vol.1

Artificial intelligence projects are different from traditional software engineering projects, hence several differences; from the commercial process to its implementation. Learn about the expectations and realities in this chapter.

Episode 11.

Second Season

Marketing and creativity with artificial intelligence

Data has become the main input for successful advertising and focused creativity. In this chapter, we talk about how to check the effectiveness of channels with attribution and how to perform effective segmentations with artificial intelligence.

Episode 10.

Second Season

Artificial intelligence in film and video games

Artificial intelligence is a recurring theme in the cinema, but how true is what we see on the big screen? We chatted with three experts on these topics and analyzed 4 great exponents of the genre, in addition to understanding the role of AI in the development of video games, all this in the tenth chapter of the AI Rock Show.

Episode 9.

Second Season

Ai in daily life: Autonomous vehicles

Our main theme in this second season is the intervention of artificial intelligence in everyday life. The first case that we will analyze is autonomous vehicles. Who regulates them, how do they work and what levels of autonomy can they achieve? We will answer these questions in the ninth chapter of the AI Rock Show by Grupodot.

Episode 8.

Second Season

To implement artificial intelligence in companies, it is necessary to have a data strategy, carry out an exploratory analysis and follow a roadmap. In this chapter we explain in depth the components of these 3 phases.

Episode 7.

Second Season

AI explained in 6 concepts

Without technicalities and for all. In this first chapter of the second season, we break down the 6 fundamental terms to understand artificial intelligence, the tool that is revolutionizing the industry.

Episode 6.

First Season

Technology seen through rock

In this final chapter of the season, the rock quota is set by The Brians, our band made up of members of the team and old friends of Grupodot; here, each member speaks from his musical taste and explains his similarity to neural networks, design thinking and artificial intelligence.

Episode 5.

First Season

AI and physics applied to understand the customer behavior

How can I understand the behavior of my clients and their customer journeys, through the analysis of the environment and beyond demographic data? Understand how to improve the predictive capabilities of your company with artificial intelligence in the fifth chapter of the AI Rock Show.

Episode 4.

First Season

Artificial intelligence in the real world

Grupodot ‘s experts talk about their experiences implementing artificial intelligence (Ai) in small, medium and large companies with multidisciplinary teams.

Episode 3.

First Season

Personalization of digital experiences through artificial intelligence

Personalization can translate into the perfect who, what and when for the customer. From product recommendations, categories, brands, articles and promotions to modifying site navigation, search results, list rankings and content offerings. All this is possible thanks to the personalization of experiences through Artificial Intelligence (Ai).

Episode 2.

First Season

AI projects, from the business and technology areas

How do AI (Artificial Intelligence) projects change if we approach them from technical needs or business objectives. Alejandro Gutiérrez, Head of Information Analytics Design and Marco Vasquez, GCP Manager explain us the generation of value with both approaches, taking advantage of the available resources of each company.

Episode 1.

First Season

How to strategically communicate AI?

Sebastián Lora, communication skills trainer, was our first guest at AI Rock Show. In this first program we talk about how to assertively communicate about artificial intelligence and the development of empathy from scratch.