AI Rock Show

Rock and technology share the microphone at AI Rock Show, Grupodot’s new show created to talk about issues around artificial intelligence, business and customer needs.

AI Rock Show podcast

Episode 15.

Third Season

Why AI needs a human approach

The fear of the changes that artificial intelligence brings with it has fostered a strong imaginary regarding its scope. In this chapter we belie the myths around artificial intelligence, we analyze why human intervention is necessary and what is its impact on people’s lives.

Episode 14.

Third Season

Data monetization in industries

Is there really someone willing to pay for my data? Three experts on monetization tell us the key points to do it, the most frequent excuses in companies and why this initiative does not materialize.

Episode 13.

Third Season

Interaction design in AI projects

The human factor in AI projects is the differential in our work process with the client. In this first chapter of the third season, we talk about how IxD allows us to find new dynamics, improve communication channels and land the scope of the model.

Episode 12.

Second Season

The truth about AI projects Vol.1

Artificial intelligence projects are different from traditional software engineering projects, hence several differences; from the commercial process to its implementation. Learn about the expectations and realities in this chapter.