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implentar data lake en empresa

How to implement a data lake in my company?

To say that a data lake is a repository of information that seeks to conglomerate different data sources, in its ...
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publicidad digital efectiva con inteligencia artificial

Effective digital advertising with artificial intelligence

Over the years, digital advertising has become the indispensable tool for companies, being this the cornerstone of a market that ...
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What results from combining AI + UX?

AI + UX: The real value of UX for artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the future of UX. A reality that users experience every day in products and services such as ...
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interaction design

Design focused on user interaction

For a considerable period of time, I have been convinced that user behavior is a key input to any activity ...
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personalization digital experiences

Digital personalization: Adequate offer, audience and opportunity

As a company, we can have a wide range of products and services that, we suppose, satisfy the needs and ...
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Filas bancarias

Better UX in the banking queues

Queues are a constant in the people’s life, always present to access any service of public interest such as transportation, ...
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