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Generation segmentation for service design

millenial vs centennial

The world is constantly evolving, the interests and tastes of audiences change as technology provides new tools that facilitate everyday tasks, thus forcing companies to perform a more detailed market segmentation, with services and products that respond to the needs of the current consumer.

Taking into account that consumers make purchasing decisions when the product is according to their generation and lifestyle. The starting point in marketing research is the segmentation of new generations, which allows us to understand the behavior of the great niche in charge of the future.

Differences between generations

The following infographic shows some insights and behaviors of Millennial and Z consumers, which serve to rebuild services and products.

The Millennial and Z generations have something in particular: they are 100% digital natives, although there is a big difference between them. Millennials easily adapted to digital evolution; instead, the Z generation was born with the technology already installed in their daily lives.

But they will ask themselves, what is this information for? In the infographic, the most common characteristics of these two generations are simplified, which are current and future consumers.

So, even if your brand is positioned in the market, it cannot leave aside this great niche, which is not convinced by a commercial or a BTL activation. Start preparing and understanding them.

Millennial generation

Do you think that advertising in the mass media ATL is profitable so that your brand is consumed by millennials? Or should you implement a digital service?

This generation is a lover of digital, social networks are part of their lives, since they last approximately 5.4 hours a day connected to the internet from their smartphones, tablets or computers.

Probably at this point, you should rethink your media plan strategy, or in another case, think about how to venture into your brand in a digital environment.

This generation searches the internet for information, comments, experiences and recommendations from people like them before making a purchase. This demands that your brand has excellent online management, to be aware of any comments or claims by this means.

The best way to maintain a positive perception in the consumer is to attend immediately to the opinions that are presented. Therefore, it is recommended to have a community manager that generates content of interest, manages the community and loyalty to the generation.

Generation Z

Let’s continue with generation Z, this is the generation that really is digital native. They were born with technology and are addicted to it. They prefer to study online and YouTube is their trusted teacher, their entertainment and hobby.

They also do not believe conventional and massive advertising, they follow the recommendations of ordinary people who consumed the brand.

On the other hand, and as an important point, they don’t want to take orders from a boss, they want to direct their own projects. This could be worrying in a few years, when the Zs have grown and the entities need their skills, what will companies do to have the attitudes, skills and experiences that the Zs can contribute?

With the above points in mind, it’s time to sit down with the marketing staff to rethink communication strategies. To generate coordinated actions, it is necessary to understand their interests that create new products and services designed for the consumer of tomorrow.

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