Enterprise Portals



It is the most flexible platform on the market that allows you to build portals, intranets, websites and digital experiences adapted to the needs of customers

Rapid integration in portals

Deployment of own development components or modules.Easy content management.

Industries of the financial

Sector and content portals.

Have accurate information

From customers through the Google Analytics and Google Cloud Platform tools.

Liferay: intuitive b2b

Product Facts

Liferay Enterprise license

Liferay Portal Enterprise Edition (Portal EE) is ideal for enterprise-class clients that require more robust deployments. Portal EE is a strengthened, stable compilation with professional support of the software project.

Liferay enterprise license
Liferay Community license

Community License

Liferay Portal Community Edition is a free software with license, it can be redistributed and modified according to the terms of the GNU reduced general public license, published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2.1 of the license or any later version.