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Google Data Studio


Unleash the power of your data with interactive messages and reports, inspiring smarter business decisions.

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Connecting your data

In one place from sources such as Analytics, Google Ads, Google BigQuery, Campaign Manager, MySQL and more.

You can transform

Raw data into metrics and dimensions to create easy-to-understand reports and dashboards, no need code.

Create and share

Attractive reports and visualizations that tell stunning stories.

Data Studio: Test your data

Product Facts

In Data Studio put your data to work

Independence of the data source, Data Studio handles data authentication, access rights and structure for use in calculations, transformations and data visualization.

data to work
data to work

Without code

Transform your data and metrics. Without writing code or creating SQL queries.

Visualize your results

With a few clicks, you can create meaningful tables and graphs. Customize from colors to logos, offering viewers a way to select the data you want to view from a report from multiple sources.

Visualize your results
Teamwork data studio

Take advantage of teamwork

Everyone can easily manage, collaborate and edit the versions of the boards and reports in real time, with all the changes saved automatically.