Grupodot´s history

How it began?

In 2004, Diego Ibagón and Germán Ramírez founded Grupodot, a company based on interaction design and artificial intelligence. Our core was the conceptualization and deployment of services that would optimize the relationship between companies and their users, responding to the needs of each industry with a comprehensive approach.

Over the years, we have created a great multidisciplinary team, with the best professionals in design, development, management, communication, data analysis and machine learning, positioning ourselves as the leading company in data analytics and machine learning in Latin America.

After 17 years of experience in advanced analytics and data monetization, we turned our focus to become the most effective data-driven marketing agency with the best achievable results in the industry.

We continue this path with a new look, listening to the market and exceeding business expectations, together with a strengthened team and the same desire to break with the established.

Now we are Grupodot Agency.

Long live the data.


Darío Palma

Managing Director

Pragmatic, sharp and meticulous, this is Darío Palma, our Managing Director. With 9 years of experience in the commercial and technology areas, he has negotiated large, highly complex projects. He is an expert in finding unique opportunities for companies, always guided by the stories that data can tell us. In his spare time, he develops his musical talent and love for the guitar. One of his favorite activities will always be to play live for a rock audience.

dario palma managing director grupodot
alejandro gutierrez head of agency


Alejandro Gutiérrez Arango

Head of Agency

Philosopher and publicist? This unusual combination is held by Alejandro Gutiérrez, Agency Director. Alejo has more than 10 years of experience in technology and business consulting for the design of analytical products. Passionate about ideas born from data, user experience and advanced analytics. Do you need travel tips, music, restaurants and books, the kind that change your life? That also comes bundled with Alejo.


Andrés Felipe Solano

Head of Media & IxD

Andrés has the entire digital ecosystem in his head, that is why he is our Head of Media & IxD. After 5 years of full experience, he has become one of the best digital strategists, with a clear focus on project management and digital products. Data is the ace of him up his sleeve to guide companies to the true digital path. He is passionate about sports, more specifically triathlon and considers himself a music lover (a Spotify fan). His family is the best story to tell.

andres felipe solano head of media
yenny goyeneche


Yenny Goyeneche

Head of Finance

Numbers and a cold head are her thing, Yenny is our Financial Manager. With 7 years of experience and a specialization in International Financial Management, she is the one who keeps clear accounts and manages budgets like no one else. She knows us like the palm of her hand and knows how to take charge of any project. Nature and exercise are her thing, in addition to having an unerring taste for good restaurants.