Google machine learning (Ready to go Models)

Now you can use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in processes of sale, purchase, suppliers and treatment of big data in your company.

Machine learning models

Ready to use and leverage your business.

Accelerate your business

Processes with ready-to-use machine learning.

Forecasts, churn, segmentation, recommendation engines

All within reach of your organization.

Ready to Go Models

Product Facts

Predictive models / forecast

With Google machine learning realize Forecast and predictive models ready to use in your different processes.

Predictive models
best engagement


When will my users leave? What is the probability that they leave? How to act proactively before the event happens ?. Real Churn Models are here to help you improve engagement with your customers and take care of your business.


Tired of traditional segmentations based on classic value bands? With Real Segmentation, include the variables that really matter without limits and find new segments that reflect the dynamics of your customers.

new segements
best offer

Motors of recommendation: Best offer, Best next-offer, UpSale, CrossSale

An easy-to-use and consistent solution to automatically recommend products and (ml models) services to your clients, with strategies to improve the offer, upsale and cross-sale internally or through allies.

Causal and attribution models

These special models will help you to predict behaviors (ai machine learning) and have more certainty about the reasons for certain events. Which channel influenced the most conversions of my campaigns? or what has really influenced the increase or decrease of my sales? among other questions.

Causal and attribution models