Grupodot participated in the first SmartMarket of Colombia.

Grupodot participated in the first SmartMarket of Colombia.

Carulla SmartMarket

Carulla opened the first SmartMarket on December.This laboratory was the result of combining sustainability, humanization of service and technology, providing a pioneering experience in the markets nationwide.

Grupodot had the opportunity to take part in the technological component of this new proposal, the result was Lú, the virtual assistant that accompanies the client during his visit to the SmartMarket, helping him to find the location of the products in the store, the address of other points of attention or to consult the “Puntos Colombia”.

How was Lú created?

For 6 months, we worked with Carulla to develop the ideal assistant, under the recommendations of Google conversational design with Dialogflow tool. The artificial intelligence of this service creates conversational experiences by taking the words of each sentence and interprets the purpose of it. So, if a customer asks “where is SmartMarket?, Dialogflow will understand that he wants to know the location.

Lú maintains fluid conversations, with clear answers that solve specific customer doubts. Using Google Cloud Platform infrastructure, it can serve millions of users simultaneously. The goal is to continue improving Lú’s skills so that it is increasingly proactive, transmitting Carulla’s understanding of the clients, acquired over the years.

Lú is part of the innovations that Carulla offers at its new point, in addition to the new application, augmented reality and SmileID technology; all this working together to continue providing an agile, warm and human service.