Smart Marketing

Data-driven media distribution

Smart Marketing

Paid media

With smart marketing you can reinforce your business objectives, with tools such as marketing automation, seo, sem and social networks.

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Data-driven media distribution

We create campaigns based on business data to find the best segments, messages and creatives, which not only achieve the effective conversion of your objectives, but can continuously optimize the investment budget.

  • Discovery and strategy.
  • Launch of campaigns.
  • Media management.
  • Optimization, reports and attribution.
  • Audience research.
  • Smart remarketing.
Social Networks
Social Networks
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Social Networks

Dynamic Communities

Through our prediction and attribution models, we find the ideal purpose for each of the social communities. We build a content and distribution plan that adjusts to the audiences’ personality, interests, and behavioral habits.

  • Identification of objectives
  • Audit networks.
  • Accounts administration.
  • Market analysis.
  • Content plan.
  • Profile optimization.
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Marketing Automation

Automated effective contacts

Create the best and most effective MA strategy capable of detecting the perfect contact moment, ideal content, connection device and intention of the target users.

  • Content strategy.
  • Integration with CRM.
  • Lead Nurturing.
  • Campaign marking.
  • Audience management.
  • Web Analytics.

Unpaid media

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Long-term active

Our strategy is aimed at mitigating the efforts of the competition to position keywords for your business, finding new opportunities from the analysis of cross-data between SEO and SEM.

  • SEO attribution.
  • Revenue model.
  • Re-evaluation and optimization.
  • On Page / Off Page.
  • Customer and competition analysis.
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Content marketing

Interaction with context

We analyze the searches, trends and behavior of potential audiences, in order to build content that responds to needs, highlights the benefits of the brand and adapts to changing interests.

  • Development and creation of content.
  • Distribution network.
  • Monitoring and attribution.
Content marketing
Content marketing

Analyze your data with Google Marketing Platform

Provides personalized experiences, so unique, that translate into conversions.