grupodot interaction design
grupodot interaction design

UX Design (IxD)

Know your customers to improve your products and services.

Know your target

know your business.

Explore the advantages

of behavioral marketing.

Understand your customers

And how they relate to your products and processes.

UX design: Interaction Design

Product Facts

User centered design

Interaction Design Methodology

Our work methodology based on interaction design will allow you to know your needs and those of your clients in a systematic and organized way.

Data collection and Analysis

You can collect the data of your clients and process, analyze them and discover the value for your business.

Data collection and analysis
Product roadmap

Product Roadmap

With help of our consultants, we can build a product roadmap and a business case ready to use and implement. Includes high-level work plan, times, efforts and costs.

Customer Journeys

The analysis of personas and customer journeys are a fundamental part of our methodology and are also an invaluable resource to understand your customers and improve processes.

Personas customer journey


It is the process that focuses on the emotional and experiential factors of the user, associated with the use of the service. This space of innovation improve the aspects of pleasure.

Customer Experience

Customer satisfaction is the clearest indicator to improve the user experience. This allows a detailed monitoring to measure the quality during and after having interacted with the product or service.

Customer experience and User experience
Construction of people uer experience

Construction of people

The success in any business lies in knowing the client, for it, we build Personas that allow to segment the publics, assign them to workflows during the journey and understand the behavior patterns.


It’s the representation of the product or service (ui ux) that explore its use, through iterations to improve the quality of different attributes, physical and digital.

Segmentation with data

Segmentation with data

All the changes must be supported by data, according to measurement variables that allow the creation of different groups of users to adapt the characteristics of the service to the real needs of the client.