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Effective digital advertising with artificial intelligence

Over the years, digital advertising has become the indispensable tool for companies, being this the cornerstone of a market that is based more on the days in virtuality. It is now when new possibilities are glimpsed with the implementation of artificial intelligence and its attributes.

Artificial intelligence enables digital advertising

Through time, the relationship between advertising and the consumer becomes closer and stronger, allowing brands and companies to understand, identify and get to know the customer in a better way. But also, this demands a more precise, effective and efficient communication on both sides, with the aim of achieving the KPI’s initially proposed.

Artificial intelligence to choose influencers for digital advertising

In a study by Steven Hoffman and Charlie Tan, the buying behavior of celebrity-influenced customers was observed, this was called the “halo effect.” Through an MRI; It was possible to analyze the positive relationship that exists in the brain by presenting images of a product X related to a celebrity.

This shows that this type of advertising not only works with psychological but also physiological methods. From these studies, companies have gradually recognized the importance of digital advertising for the fulfillment of their KPIs; This is why they have changed and focused their efforts on creating a robust, innovative and attractive profile.

Another study by Twitter and Annalect (a leading company in data analysis), found that “Almost 40% of Twitter users say they have made a purchase as a direct result of a tweet from an influencer.” In this study, it was deduced that 49% of the respondents expressed confidence in the products recommended by celebrities.

On the other hand, when generating a combination of tweets and other social media campaigns that were presented by a celebrity, the increase in purchase intention doubled to 5.2 times.

““Campaigns combining different types of digital brand platforms and influencers saw a nearly 5.2-fold increase in brand awareness, ad recall, and purchase intent over traditional digital ad formats”. —   Katie Karp, Marketing science at Facebook, data analyzer and digital strategist.

At Grupodot we carry out research and development on how to choose, with artificial intelligence in marketing, the correct influencer for my brand, according to the conversations that surround it, its peers and the performance of its publications. Being thus an intelligent investment, taken by data, that guarantees profitability.

Artificial intelligence and digital guideline

From these studies, it is possible to show that the integration of artificial intelligence with the different digital platforms; generates a driving force in the development of digital advertising, making it a valuable tool for creating business strategies and content.

The implementation of artificial intelligence in digital guideline systems; allows you to focus on advanced data that provides a high level of value and confidence in advertising segmentation; beyond the previously used static data (age, sex).

With this segmentation, through artificial intelligence, it is possible to collect data that better characterize consumers, their interests and behaviors; In this way, the type of message, the appropriate offer and the appropriate channel can be more successfully constructed.

Artificial intelligence and digital guideline
AI has dramatically changed the way marketers connect and communicate content with their audiences

Benefits of implementing AI

As we have mentioned, artificial intelligence allows us to provide a data-based service. Below we will mention other benefits of its implementation in digital advertising:

  • Increased efficiency by streamlining global usability and testing processes (by understanding how each culture works)
  • Maximize investments by eliminating the waste that used to exist in the process of implementation and obtaining results.
  • Personalized experience, providing the right content at the right time to the right user.
  • Depth and volume in data analysis.
  • Correction of results and optimization in real time, managing to increase the profitability of campaigns, better design strategies and increase ROI.

What’s next with artificial intelligence?

With artificial intelligence we can analyze large volumes of data quickly and innovatively, expanding the scope and effect of advertising campaigns so that they fit perfectly with different digital platforms.

This technology allows us to delve into the human mind, understand its behaviors, decision processes and consumer trends in a rapidly escalating market. AI facilitates the achievement of objectives in the different areas of any company, it is not exclusive to the technological development of companies, it also acts as a valuable tool for the effectiveness of strategies, campaigns and announcements.