Google Cloud Platform



All the computing power, of Google, scalable, by demand and self-administered.

Partner Premium

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The infrastructure as a service is all the computing

Power of Google, scalable, on demand and self-managed, guaranteeing data protection.

It provides limited infrastructure equipment

Facilitates cost control, reduces the budget of the IT area, scabilizes the platform in seconds, decreases useless or idle installed capacity.

As a transversal service

Any industry can benefit by reducing processing costs, optimizing the time of self-administered services and streamlining the requirements of the organization.

IaaS: Google Cloud

Product Facts

Virtual machines

They offer unlimited computing power, without the hassle of managing multiple physical servers.

Virtual machines cloud
Storage google cloud


They are structured and unstructured databases, capable of supporting any type of source.

Backup and DRS

Turn Google into your corporate backup of data centers or archiving, RTOs and RPOs according to your needs.

Backup cloud