Natural language processing (semantic suite)

Understand the language your clients use to talk about your brand, observe the dynamics of their conversations and also those of your competition.

Be ahead of your competitors

By being in control of your audiences.

The power of language

To power your business.

Be in control

Of your social brand dynamics.

Semantic suite

Product Facts

Top of Tongue: A natural language

Through natural language processing (NLP), identify and analyze the combination of words used by your clients and design assertive content to control the positioning of your brand.

Top of tonge
Sentiment pulse:  artificial language

Sentiment Pulse

What is the feeling of the customers when they talk about your brand? With Sentiment suite helps to persuade those feelings and plan the actions to keep them positive.

Territory Map

Automatically identify topics of conversation through natural language processing that are generated, along with the competitors and trace a route to get away from the territories that do not align with your brand objectives.

Territory map
Influencer real score

Influencer Real Score

Use our unique model of influencer scoring as support in making decisions about investment in social media. It’s not only what you think, it’s what the data tells you.